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Our Solutions

eCommerce and Marketing Experimentation

Our team of growth hackers will help you validate new products or business models for the Chinese market. Get real-time feedback from Chinese consumers and be ready for continuous learning opportunities.

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Marketing Performance and Campaign Tracking

A good ROI of a campaign takes cross-departmental teamwork. We help track marketing and campaign performances, measure their effectiveness along the customer journey, and provide consultation to prepare your team for always-on marketing.

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Competitor Benchmarking

Just like you, your competitors are always moving, innovating and adapting. Be in-the-know of competitor moves with sophisticated tracking tools. Maintain a good market share for your business by knowing competitor performances and where your business stands out.

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eCommerce Sales Optimization

Granular data at the product and campaign level. Instead of being limited by brand or category data, get the insights from your back-end data to drive action. Win screen-time from Chinese consumers by applying the right Tmall tools to perform effective marketing based on Chaoly’s data analytics and consultation.

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Social Listening

Build and maintain a strong, healthy and reputable brand. This is the biggest determinant of long-term business success. Get it right from the get-go by arming your marketing team with insights to improve your brand’s performance across channels in the Chinese market.

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Data Science, Analytics & Insights

Data alone isn’t enough to drive competitive advantage. We help companies build strong data foundations and develop advanced analytics capabilities that drive decision making and maximize business performance.

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Chaoly delivers measurable impact for:

  • Continuous traffic and conversion rate optimization
  • Allocate your advertising budget effectively and increase ROI
  • Enhance your search rankings for top visibility and traffic for your brands and products
  • Analyze Year-on-Year results and budget vs. actual performance
  • Results-oriented marketing: Find out which eCommerce and social media marketing activities yield the highest results
  • Compare campaign results from Douyin, Weibo, WeChat, Kuaishou, XHS and Baidu search
  • Boost share of voice across the main platforms
  • Brand competitiveness: Evaluate your brand awareness efforts and target audience to outperform the main competitors
  • Streamline information from dozens of channels into a single platform with one login
  • Eliminate the manual tracking of pricing, campaign performance and social engagement
  • Act on growth opportunities quickly with guided recommendations
  • Save time with automated reports
  • Customize email alerts to specific job functions
  • We tailor growth strategies for your cross-channel application
  • Equip your cross-functional teams with appropriate training and best practice case-studies to standout in eCommerce
  • Update and align your internal teams and partners with consistent data and benchmarking scorecards
  • Better than a meeting, update your Executive team with a comprehensive view on progress and opportunities from Chaoly’s reports.
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Why Chaoly?

The Chinese market is massive, to have your brand stand out in a sea of similar products takes more than good quality and nice packaging design. In a fast-paced market with fierce competition, it is vital for your business’ health to understand and apply both quantitative and qualitative data for making better business decisions, as well as effective sales and marketing efforts.

In China, the availability of data is not the issue, on the contrary, there is too much data to digest and comprehend. With Chaoly, you have a one-stop-shop portal that provides your team and Chinese partners with the cross-platform insights required to monitor, analyze and optimize the performance of your brand. Together, we work with you to achieve short-term gains and long-term victories.

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Tmall analytics and social listening facilitating continuous business growth

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Campaign optimization based on cross-channel marketing and sales insights

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Marketing budget reallocation plan to maximize ROI

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Product innovation driven by in-depth understanding of your target customer

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