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About Us

Every article, every newspaper, every research indicates the same: China’s eCommerce market is booming and will only grow even more in the coming years. Newspaper headlines screaming that golden mountains are waiting for overseas brands in China.

Yet, reality shows that most overseas brands are not satisfied with their current performance in China, or even operating at a loss. The market is complex, un-transparent, very competitive, and winning over the trust of Chinese consumers is increasingly difficult.

As a seasoned Chinese eCommerce agency, we have asked ourselves over and over why there is such a huge gap between the ever-growing Chinese demand for Western products and the low success rate of overseas brands. Whilst seeking answers, each time we bumped into the same problem: the inability to adapt. The Chinese market is the fastest changing in the world. Everyone knows that the single most important factor in making wise decisions is based on data instead of gut feelings or the advice of your Chinese partners. And getting trustworthy, insightful data is still a huge obstacle in China.

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Meet Chaoly, a data analytics platform focused on the Chinese market. The Chinese word Chao (超), which stands for “improve or exceed”, symbolizes our quest to help brands understand China better and in turn improve their performance. The Chinese Li (励) refers to reward or encouragement, which is related to the will to learn, since this is an essential quality to thrive on the Chinese market.

Chaoly is a data analytics platform that helps consumer brands to maximize their ROI in China based on trustworthy and real-time data related to their marketing and eCommerce performance.

We do this by:

  • Making cross-platform data available in one platform: simple, comprehensive and real-time
  • Connecting data from major digital platforms to understand the effect of marketing activities on actual sales revenue, showing every part of the marketing funnel from awareness to conversion and loyalty
  • Supplementing the daily dashboards and optimizer tools with customized sales improvement plans
  • Validating new products for the Chinese market using digital experiments

Our analytics platform is designed in a way that it supports overseas brands in every step of their eCommerce and social media route in China. Each software module can be bought separately and addresses the challenges faced by brands in their current phase.

About the founder - Daphne Tuijn

During her double degree in CEMS International Management from the Rotterdam School of Management, Daphne first experienced living and working in China. After graduation she initially joined social listening company Meltwater in Hong Kong, later followed by Royal Bank of Scotland as a risk analyst.

Her entrepreneurial aspirations returned, and in 2013 she decided to take the plunge, when Jack Ma announced the launch of Tmall Global which would make it easier for Overseas brands to enter the Chinese eCommerce market. First acting as a TP with, whilst also running her own online store called Daphne Holland Store on JingDong, selling baby and mother care products on the Chinese market. This experience taught her everything about the Chinese digital ecosystems and customer journey.

Daphne decided to combine her strength for data analytics with her passion for the Chinese Digital Market. Applying growth hacking techniques and executing data-driven experiments to validate new products for the Chinese market turned out to be a success. Daphne repeatedly encountered frustrations over the inefficiency of the data collection to make educated decisions, which resulted in the launch of Chaoly.

Daphne loves numbers. She’s passionate about using data to tell a story and formulating actionable insights. Having built an eCommerce company as well as a tech company in China, Daphne knows what it takes to succeed in this fast-paced economy.

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