eCommerce and Marketing Performance Optimizer

Turning you data into action Unlock the So What, Now What?

The Chaoly Performance Optimizers allow you to:

  • Improve your ROI with our real-time and easy-to-use visualizations
  • Allocate your marketing budget in a way that yields the highest results
  • Optimize campaigns and visual assets to maximize performance
  • Understand the correlation between out-channel marketing activities to increase brand awareness and actual in-channel sales levels
  • Learn from, and discontinue any unprofitable campaigns
  • See which levers from advertising sponsorship, pricing, and promotions, are having the highest impact on performance

Improve every aspect of the marketing funnel

Chaoly enables you to:


  • Optimize your advertising budget allocation across the different in-channel tools to improve Return on Advertising Spending
  • Analyze the trend of various campaigns over time and identify the most successful ones
  • Understand which landing pages work best for your paid campaigns
  • Determine which amount should be allocated to which out-channel platform to realize the highest engagement

With Chaoly you can:


  • Isolate the top products delivering the most sales for your business, so you can support and defend them
  • Identify which product pages are underperforming and reasons why
  • Improve your advertising campaigns by identifying new keywords and competitors trending in your category
  • Improve the division of new vs. recurring visitors and customers

With Chaoly you are able to:


  • Analyze and select live streaming KOLs that convert viewers into buyers
  • Optimize keyword bidding of your PPC campaigns on main search engines such as Baidu and Sogou
  • Ensure keywords in your out-channel marketing campaigns are aligned with the product pages and promotions on eCommerce channels
  • Compare campaign performance across the various platforms to optimize the ROI of your marketing budget allocation

Chaoly helps you to:


  • Learn which content engages your audience
  • Find trends and tags in posts that has a positive effect on your followers numbers
  • What time and day of the week the content realized the highest engagement
  • Understand which campaign on which platform is yielding the highest result

Chaoly Measurement Framework

Our Optimizing Techniques

Our Analytics

  • Reliable cross-channel data
  • Integrated social metrics and sales data
  • Granular data at the item level
  • Industry recognized benchmarks
  • Social listening and sentiment analysis
  • Customized dashboards based on your activities

Your data is critical to your business - we have what it takes to keep it secure

  • Quality compliance standards
  • Uptime is vital to us
  • Data ownership – you own it
  • Expert Deliverability

Service and support to drive your success

  • Experts on hand at every stage
  • Local support for your China partners/team
  • The Chaoly Partner Ecosystem
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