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Competitor Benchmarking

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Accurate, consistent marketing and sales data


Chaoly helps you analyze your performance against competitors, gaining insights on which investments are working.

Whether you are already active in China or considering entering the market, It is important to know not only your performance in the market, but also that of your top competitors. To get a complete picture, benchmarking should take place across the various marketing and sales channels that your competitors are using to engage with consumers.

With Chaoly’s competitor tracker, you can benchmark your marketing and eCommerce performances with ease. Evaluate objectively cross-channel, using industry recognized metrics such as market share. This way you can make smarter decisions, either to dial up or dial down your investments.

Understand share of market

Your eCommerce sales might naturally rise; however, it might be explained by Chinese shoppers’ tendency to buy online rather than in-store. Without the right category and competitor benchmarks, how do you know if your brands are growing at the right pace? With Chaoly you can:

  • Compare daily revenue and unit sales against competitors
  • Understand how the pricing and promotion strategy impact sales revenue
  • Recognize whether you’re getting an equitable share of category growth through smarter investment plans
  • Set conversion rate and sales targets based on the top performers and industry average in your category

Assess your digital footprint

A business’s digital footprint is the complete expression of its brand online. This includes everything that you or others have said about your brand, as well as your competitors across all Chinese platforms. Chaoly helps you to:

  • Benchmark your performance along the marketing funnel, looking at awareness, consideration and conversion
  • Monitor the number of mentions in paid and earned media
  • Compare owned channels, for both sales channels and social media accounts
  • Track brand buzz on social media channels

Spot new growth opportunities

Measuring success is tricky, because you need context. Comparing sales, engagement data, and other performance metrics by itself doesn’t provide valuable and actionable insights. Through benchmarking, you can better understand where your company is winning and uncover opportunities to improve your digital strategy. With Chaoly, you can:

  • Track up-and-coming competitors so you can better outpace them with advertising
  • Gauge the growth opportunity of product innovation and development trends
  • See which elements such as ad sponsorship, pricing, and promotions have the highest impact on performance

Why Chaoly to benchmark your
performance against competitors?

Reliable cross-channel data

Benchmark your performance against competitors on the main platforms

Comprehensive analytics

Save money and time with a single platform to benchmark your performance

Industry recognized metrics

Understand your overall standing versus industry leaders and averages

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