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Marketing Performance and Campaign Tracking

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Craft impactful campaigns that get people excited about your brand

Track your marketing and promotion campaigns against your predefined targets and use real-time data to prove and improve your campaign performance across the main Chinese channels. The marketing funnel from awareness to consideration and conversion is tracked by showing the effect of social media and (paid) marketing activities on eCommerce sales levels.

Chinese eCommerce campaigns are organized around large shopping festivals such as 618 and Singles Day, with Chinese shoppers saving up for any large purchases until those festivals. This can be supplemented by specific campaigns around brand activation or new product launches.

With Chaoly, you can track how your marketing activities and campaigns are performing, also in comparison to last year. Achieve great results, schedule and plan campaigns around the large shopping festivals to get brand exposure and a larger share of the pie. You will uncover opportunities to improve your campaign while it’s running.

Monitor cross-channel performance

Though not as exciting as the creative brainstorming or execution phase of your strategy where you test out new techniques and tools, tracking is immensely important. It’s where you see what works and what doesn’t, and what you should focus on to increase effectiveness. Chaoly allows you to:

  • Understand the correlation between out-channel marketing activities to increase brand awareness and actual in-channel sales levels
  • Review key data sources from the back-end of all your official social media accounts and eCommerce stores
  • Monitor online, offline and O2O campaigns in one concise overview
  • Compare your year-on-year campaign performance

Track actual vs. target performance

Take your business forward by tracking daily performance data, bringing expectation closer to monthly targets with solid results.

With Chaoly you can:

  • Track leading & lagging indicators related to sales and brand awareness
  • Prove the effectiveness of your marketing activities
  • Identify insights and key actions for real-time optimization
  • Make well informed decisions to discuss campaign performance

Optimize campaign performance

The marketing optimizer dashboards support your team to improve the campaign performance on the popular platforms such as Douyin, Kuaishou, Weibo, WeChat, XHS, and Baidu. Chaoly allows you to:

  • Learn which content engages your audience
  • Understand which paid campaign on which platform is yielding the highest result
  • See which live streaming or product seeding campaign performs best in terms of engagement and sales
  • Pivot your campaign strategy while it’s running based on real-time results

Improve partner collaboration

Several partners are involved in creating the strategy and actual execution of a campaign. Often the brand, marketing/PR agency and TP needs to collaborate to achieve the best campaign results. With Chaoly you will:

  • Have one central tool that shows the performance across channels, accessible to all partners
  • Improve efficiency and reduce reporting time between partners
  • Receive insights that form the basis for partner meetings

Why Chaoly to track the
performance of your campaigns?

Continuous campaign optimization

The optimization dashboards help you uncover opportunities to improve your campaign performance while it’s running

Customized campaign tracker

Relevant data based on the channels you use for your campaigns

Integrated social metrics and sales data

Evaluate performance across social media channels and sales platforms

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