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Tmall Partner

A daily tool to improve efficiency and boost ROI for your clients


Deliver higher eCommerce ROI for your clients, with less work

As a certified Chaoly partner, you can harness the power of Chaoly’s technology and insights to unlock more eCommerce growth for clients, all while automating and streamlining the work you do today. We also offer selected Tmall Partners the opportunity to become value-added resellers of our platform.

Improve efficiency and increase ROI for your clients

Analysing the back-end data from Tmall and JingDong can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Chaoly’s visualization is easy to understand, stimulating, and informs you of insights you wouldn’t normally notice just by looking at the vast amount of raw numbers. Our daily tool helps your team enhance the in-channel marketing budget allocation, product performance and promotion strategy for the clients you’re serving. In other words, allowing your team to focus on value-adding activities.

Improve your labor efficiency and increase the ROI for your clients with the eComm Optimizer

Reduce reporting time and smoothen client communication

Your clients expect frequent updates on their digital performance. From experience, we know how laborious it is to manually sift through and copy data from the stores’ back-end system and integrate this important information into your reports. To eliminate the tediousness, complexity, and any potential for “lost-in-translation”, Chaoly offers a dashboard which can be used for client reporting. Your team can select which KPIs and data insights to include, and provide the client with up-to-date insights without manually creating reports. We offer a white-label solution where the Chaoly platform will be branded to your TP’s design and style.

Save time and improve client communication with the eCommerce Performance tracker

Manage your team of store operators based on their actual results

Whether you are the CEO of a TP agency or the store manager of several clients’ stores, it’s important to have a complete overview with up-to-date performance results. Looking at each store’s reports one-by-one is a time-consuming task and has the potential to overlook important details. Chaoly offers a TP Management Dashboard which is used to track the daily trends of pre-selected store KPIs. Any deviation from the budget or target is easily detected and allows for immediate corrective action.

Ready to partner?

Choose the right partner level that fits your needs. Get in touch with us for more information.

For any agency, consultant, tech or data provider

Certified Partner

  • If you are new to Chaoly and do not currently work with Chaoly clients
  • Would like your company to be listed in our partner directory

Silver Partner

  • If you currently work with 5 or more Chaoly clients
  • Chaoly helps to get your teams certified on our tools, accessing our data library, enabling your business to start optimizing results

Exclusively for registered Tmall Partners (TPs)


  • To include Chaoly’s technology within your existing services, promoting it directly to your clients and other brands
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