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Data-driven Disruptive Innovation

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Customers don’t buy products – they buy solutions that solve problems or needs

Over 70% of all new products in China fail to generate the expected profit. Find your ideal customer demographic and create products or services that people need and will be enthusiastic about.

To remain future proof, companies need a structured framework to develop relevant innovations to stay ahead of the industry curve. Chaoly’s team of growth hackers, data architects, and business builders provide measurable results at a rapid pace.

Experimentation is essentially risk management. Finding success within a test sample and product-market fit validation to build your business initiative upon, is better than taking a risk on a million-dollar product strategy without any foundations. At Chaoly, we work with cross-functional teams to ensure success from ideation to commercialization.

Get real-time consumer feedback

Your consumers’ needs should be at the core of every product innovation. Therefore, a profound understanding of the customers to be served, and unmet or poorly-met needs of those customers is essential to create new products that they would love to buy. Together, with your team, we can:

  • Outline the key assumptions related to personas, pains, gains and the problem-solution fit
  • Validate the assumptions through customer interviews, online surveys and digital experiments
  • Create compelling solution ideas to meet customer needs



Develop innovative solutions

Experimentation is a critical factor to accelerate innovation in any business. To launch innovative products and services, Chaoly has developed a methodology that allows testing of new solution ideas in the Chinese market, within a relatively short time. In this 15-week program, we will:

  • Leverage the “Lean Startup” approach to design, test and learn the concept by running digital experiments on Chinese platforms such as Alibaba.
  • Secure first sets of online shoppers and gather feedback about the Product Offer, eg. quality, recipe, frequency of use, pricing, and messaging.
  • Update the concept on the brand, messaging, pricing and packaging side.

Maximize business potential

With all gathered insights, the Chaoly team helps you to decide how to move forward as a business, while taking into consideration the bottomline and feasibility of the new product innovation. We assist you to:

  • Know how to deliver value to the target customer and what to organize
  • Set financial goals and required investments
  • Assess the level of investment required in marketing, technology, and operations, to bring the concept to a first target of users
  • Specify the team setup to drive the project forward

Why Chaoly for data-driven
disruptive innovation?

Entrepreneurial mindset

The lean startup methodology applied regardless of your company size

Fast decision-making process

Weekly sprints allow for an agile build-measure-learn loop

Disruptive innovation

To launch new products and/or business models that helps you create a new market

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Let’s accelerate your business in China,
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