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Get into the eCommerce game with quick gains and long-term growth with Chaoly’s know-how, navigating your brand to small and big wins.


Data alone isn’t enough to drive a competitive advantage. From day one, your Chaoly team will work with you and your team to find breakthroughs in your brand’s data and create action plans to drive growth. Think of it as a new version of SaaS. We offer software and services to help you navigate the challenging, sometimes unpredictable, the landscape of China’s eCommerce. We help you build a foundation with solid data, develop advanced analytics capabilities to drive decision-making, and ultimately, maximize business performance.

Set business goals with comprehensive data analysis

Data is data, it’s useless until you know how to interpret it. That’s why Chaoly gives you:

  • A dedicated Strategy & Insights specialist to help you sift through data and discover “gold” , and plan your next steps accordingly.
  • Competitive benchmarking for continuous growth opportunities
  • Regular business reviews to keep you moving towards your goals

Customize KPIs to your business

Every company is unique, every company has its own DNA. Hence a one-size-fits-all approach to eCommerce data simply won’t work. Your Chaoly team will tailor a program to your needs. Take advantage of:

  • Tailor scorecards to track performance, bringing closer the goals of operations and overall business performance
  • Monthly reports that gives an overview of performance, comparing it with the your Year-on Year results and predefined targets
  • Benchmarking tailored to the unique terrain of the Chinese market

Equip every team with valuable data

Every company is at a different level of eCommerce maturity. No matter where you are located, Chaoly will prepare your teams to navigate the Chinese digital world and equip them with the right tools to win. Benefit from:

  • Customized training by job (eComm manager, operations, sales, marketing), so teams can quickly actualize value
  • Tailored email alerts that deliver the right insights to the right roles, at the right time
  • Monthly update calls, to discuss progress and to answer any questions

Empower your partners

Having Chaoly as a partner can foster closer collaboration with your Tmall Partner and marketing agency, making the joint effort more efficient and pleasant. Chaoly offers:

  • Training for your Tmall Partner to be better at optimizing your advertising campaigns, execute digital experiments and more
  • Smoothen communication with your Chinese partners, no more “lost in translation”
  • A list of Chaoly certified Tmall Partners and marketing agencies you can lean on for support

Answer tough questions

With Chaoly’s consulting practice, staffed by eCommerce experts that have previously held roles at major brands or TPs, they are able to guide and address any issues that can’t be answered by just a tool and technology. Rely on our team for:

  • Suggestions on how to organize, structure, and staff your eCommerce team
  • Develop extensive strategies and playbooks for Chinese digital platforms
  • Optimize your China set-up with in-house professionals providing outsourced services

Why Chaoly as your
data insights partner?

Customer success team

With a lead client success manager, supported by a strategy and insights specialist

Customized business reviews

Improve your business performance with our data discovery to help prioritize your biggest opportunities and threats

Value-added thought leadership

Be in-the-know with the latest whitepapers and category, sent to you at no additional cost

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