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eCommerce Sales Optimization

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Analyze, benchmark and optimize your eCommerce performance


Get real-time, reliable insights on your eCommerce performance, so you are updated almost simultaneously on which in-channel marketing strategies yield the highest results.

The advertising costs on eCommerce channels have increased significantly in recent years. To win over screen-time from Chinese consumers, platforms like Tmall and JingDong continuously add new in-channel marketing tools such as live streaming and affiliate programs. However, the tough question is: How do you select the right tools that help increase your sales while safeguarding your profit margins?

With Chaoly’s eCommerce optimizer, your in-house eCommerce team or TP will have a daily tool to help them enhance in-channel marketing budget allocation, product performance and promotion strategy.

Make smarter, more strategic bets

Make effective sales with the right products by tracking category growth rates and backing up sales and marketing efforts with the appropriate budget. Chaoly helps you to:

  • Isolate top products delivering the most sales for your business, so you can support and defend them
  • Track category growth to see whether you should expand or double down
  • Optimize your ad budget allocation across the different in-channel tools to improve return on advertising spending
  • Understand whether your sales and marketing investments are moving the needle or not

Protect profitability

Selling online is less profitable than selling in-store, it is therefore vital to closely monitoring competitor and retail price dynamics. With Chaoly you can:

  • Identify advertising price violations so you can reinforce control
  • Get clarity into illegal third-party sellers to tidy up your distribution network
  • Enhance your promotion strategy to avoid damaging ‘bottom-price’ matching across sellers
  • Understand what sales are from your flagship stores versus third-party sellers on the Chinese eCommerce channels

Improve customer retention

For too long, businesses have been pressured into short-term strategies and quick win tactics that drive revenue, rather than creating long-term growth. Yet we all know the cost of acquiring a new customer is 5-25 times more expensive than retaining your existing ones. With Chaoly you will:

  • Gain a better understanding of your customer through data
  • Understand the division of new vs. recurring visitors and customers
  • Gather feedback from your existing customers based on their reviews
  • Understand whether your loyalty program results in the desired customer retention

Boost advertising ROI

Advertising spend is growing rapidly, and budgets need to be managed carefully. eCommerce platforms like Tmall and Jingdong continuously add new advertising and promotion tools, but which ones are the best for your brand? With Chaoly, you can:

  • Improve your advertising budget allocation across the different advertising channels to yield the highest ROI
  • Know which are your best product, so you can expect better results from your advertising campaigns
  • Compare Year-on-Year sales attributed to PPC spend with organic sales and view PPC expenses at the product level or over a certain date range
  • Optimize your ad campaigns by identifying new keywords and competitors trending in your category

Optimize TP collaboration

The collaboration with your TP can be challenging at times, due to the language and cultural differences. With Chaoly you will:

  • Understand the TP’s activities, from title optimization to promotion and sales strategies
  • Receive real-time insights instead of weekly/monthly updates from your TP
  • Increase the efficiency due to the centralized reporting with Chaoly which replaces or complements the current reports

Why Chaoly to optimize your
eCommerce performance?

Detailed data at the item level

Unlock detailed data you need to take action

Job-specific onboarding and training

Enable your marketing and eCommerce teams to get up-to-speed with realizing value from your data

Digital shelf, traffic and conversion analytics

Link sales and market share data with digital shelf, traffic and conversion analytics, to drive further growth

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