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eCommerce and Marketing Experimentation

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Pivot your way to success


Marketing success doesn’t just happen overnight; it requires a progressive path of testing, experiments and learning – both from your successes and failures.

Without a refined experiment and testing system in place, it’d be like shooting in the dark with your marketing and sales activities. If the effectiveness of your campaigns can’t be proven, it would be hard to determine profitability or whether there was business growth. Marketing experimentation allows your team to prove the value of (paid) marketing campaigns, design choices, growth strategies and key business decisions.

Oftentimes Chinese eCommerce teams/partners do not adapt to a culture of experimentation due to a fear of failure. Our team of growth hackers, data architects, and project managers will work alongside your China team to propose digital experiments and foster digital innovation across your eCommerce channels. The Chaoly marketing optimization dashboards provide actionable insights to point you in the right direction.

Optimize Marketing Campaigns

The easy-to-use marketing optimization dashboards support your team to improve the campaign performance on the popular platforms such as Douyin, Kuaishou, Weibo, WeChat, XHS, and Baidu. With Chaoly you will:

  • Prove the effectiveness of your marketing campaign
  • Optimize campaigns and visual assets to maximize performance
  • Try new marketing strategies

Make smarter, data-driven marketing decisions

Innovate with new ideas based on previous learnings. Digital experimentation enables you to gain the reliable insight you need to continuously fine tune every aspect of the customer journey. Chaoly helps you to:

  • Learn from previous experiments
  • Innovate with new ideas
  • Understand what works and what doesn’t work

Improve Return On Investment

By replacing guesswork with hard data, you consistently deploy compelling experiences, maintain a competitive advantage, and maximize ROI. Chaoly’s insights allow you to:

  • Stop wasting money on ineffective strategies
  • Identify & stop expensive mistakes
  • Scale up the experiments which resulted in a positive impact on the ROI

Why Chaoly for marketing experimentation?

Experienced team of growth hackers, project manager and designers

Creativity, analytical thinking and predefined metrics are combined to sell your products and gain exposure

Continuous Optimization

The build-measure-loop enables continuous learning within your organization

Actionable insights from the optimization dashboards

The real-time and easy-to-use visualizations help to optimize the performance

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