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New to the China Market

Everything you need to know to start selling in China and test the water pre-launch

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Start selling in China

Thinking about taking part in one of the biggest eCommerce markets in the world? We’re here to help! Chaoly provides competitor data analysis to find the best approach to enter the complicated and competitive Chinese eCommerce market. Understanding Chinese consumer behavior before entering the market will increase your chances of success dramatically. That is why Chaoly’s option to test the water using digital experiments to validate your product can be a critical step in the game. Choices like which shop channel to select and what product mix to use will be based on facts, not intuition.

Keep an eye on the competition

Even if you haven’t started selling in China yet, it is important to understand and be in-the-know with your competitors’ marketing and sales activities. With Chaoly, you can learn from the current players in the market in terms of brand awareness and actual sales, to see which digital strategies are yielding the highest results for them.

Understand the market

Uncover high-demand, low-competition products with a maximum profit potential in China. Chaoly helps you identify trends and filter opportunities so you can confidently craft your market-entry strategy.

Test the water

You want to launch products that will be in popular demand. By running digital experiments, you will receive real-time consumer feedback related to the marketing mix before the actual launch. Alibaba shoppers provide insights for the hero product selection, optimal price range, most attractive packaging and which Unique Selling Points (USPs) resonate best with the selected target audience.

Know what to expect with an objective P&L forecast

Entering the Chinese market requires a significant investment. How do you know whether it will be worth it? Your Chinese potential partner will most likely show you a very “optimistic” forecast. Chaoly will give you an objective and reliable 24-months financial forecast to make an educated investment decision!

Formulate your star-team

To enter the Chinese market, you will need a strong support network of local partners, such as a law firm, Tmall Partner (TP) and logistics provider. We are happy to provide an overview of Chaoly certified partners who will help you kick-start your brand in China.

Learn more about competitor tracking and data-driven market entry.

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