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Product-Market Fit Validation

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Increase your chances of success


Understand the Chinese consumers by testing the water before actually entering the Chinese market.

There is a big contrast between consumer interactions with the internet in China and the West. China has its own language, consumption habits, media properties, and diverse digital market, with – let’s not forget – the largest internet population in the world. Therefore, knowing your Chinese consumer is critical for long-term success.

Chaoly gives you the insights necessary to make a well informed decision on the potential investment in the Chinese market, empowering your business and team to enter the market with confidence.

Understand the market

The potential of your product or services is impacted by the current players in the market. It’s important to know whether you will be entering a red or blue ocean. That’s why Chaoly empowers you with insights on:

  • The local and international competitors active in China
  • An overview of the best-selling items and their selling prices
  • A selection of the best sales and marketing channels
  • The latest consumer trends in your category

Real-time consumer feedback

You want to launch products that consumers love. By running digital experiments, you will receive real-time consumer feedback related to the marketing mix. This helps you to:

  • Select the hero product
  • Understand the key USPs your brand should focus on
  • Determine the price point of your products
  • Formulate a slogan that resonates best with target audience

Minimize your risk

As with any business venture, the business case needs to show a positive figure down the line. Most Chinese partners show you the best-case scenario, while Chaoly’s 24-month financial forecast provides you a realistic view on what to expect. This includes having:

  • A clear overview of the upfront investment needed, as well as monthly recurring fixed and variable costs
  • Projected sales forecast based on category trends and historical sales data of selected competitors
  • Further transparency of the estimated required marketing budget to realize the expected sales
  • A Profit & Loss and break-even point calculation

Successful partner selection

If the Chinese market seems promising, the next step is to select the right partners to enter the market. Chaoly gives you a hands-on market entry strategy, including potential suitable partners to actually launch in China:

  • Select the best Tmall Partner (TP) to set-up and run your online store
  • Find a suitable logistics partner that can arrange the warehousing and order fulfillment
  • Arrange your legal set-up and trademark registration with a local law firm
  • Collaborate with a marketing/PR agency to build your brand awareness

Why Chaoly to prepare your market entry?

Access to Chinese consumers

Know how Chinese consumers value your product/brand.

Reliable forecast

Data from objective 3rd party and first-hand sources.

Transparent and validated methodologies

Get the confidence you need to make critical decisions from the data.

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