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Improve your campaigns with data across various channels on one unified platform.

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Leverage the power of social listening to create value for your clients

In today’s digitalized world, constant innovation keeps agencies in the game. Integrating social listening can provide the edge you need to attract new brands and keep your current clients happy. When you need to create a pitch, ideate a new project, or track campaign results, Chaoly’s platform provides the insights you need in real-time to make it happen. While your team serves important roles, automating data processes can save valuable time, this can be achieved via pre-built integrations, reducing manual effort and improving data security.

Win over clients with great accurate pitches

Leave a good impression and impress your future client with your deep understanding of their brand and industry. Be ahead of the curve, identify leading trends and conversations to stand out as an agency and win over new businesses.

Increase your client-pitch success-rate with in-depth brand understanding using Social Listening

Reap what you sew with a single source of data

Accumulate data across channels and access from one single dashboard. Chaoly provides you relevant insights from campaign performance across a wide range of platforms such as Weibo, WeChat, XHS, Douyin and Zhihu, making it easy to analyse the results of your PR or influencer promotion campaign.

Understand how Chaoly aggregates the data across multiple channels into a single platform with one login

Be smart with your time via automated client reports

Track and evaluate your clients’ real-time campaign results effectively and efficiently. Your team can select which KPIs and data insights to include, and provide the client with up-to-date insights without manually creating reports. We offer a white-label solution where the Chaoly platform will be customized and branded in your agency’s design style.

Improve efficiency and optimize reporting by using Chaoly as your main client reporting tool. For an example of a client ready report, please contact us or have a look at our campaign tracker

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