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Increased living standards and smart home trends headline the future of the home electronics & appliances market


As consumers get more used to living and working at home, expectations for a better living environment will increase alongside time spent at home. More consumers are buying higher-end electronics, paying more attention to smart home products and services, and are overall demanding an evolved lifestyle in the living space.


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Small appliances gain favor among consumers

Home appliance giant Suning reports online retail numbers of
small kitchen Appliances multiplying in growth.

‘in-scope’ sectors within home appliance industry according to Statista:
  • Major and small appliances
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Dishwashing machines and washing machines
  • Cookers, ovens, coffee machines and small kitchen appliances
  • Vacuum cleaners and irons

Intelligent edge to boost home entertainment

The trend of 5G isn’t news to the Chinese technology front, how it will affect home entertainment products will be an interesting trend to observe.

Market trend predictions and opportunity benchmarks

Focus on ‘future space, culture, & workforce’

Large ‘future’ enterprises of tomorrow will consider implementing multi-screen interaction between smart devices as typical work routines. Current patterns of remote work will become more common, and such trends will shape the development of related-products.

Product integration with accessible technology

More and more large appliance industries are already integrating smart sensors or smartphone app pairing to their existing product lines, and such a practice will only benefit from the more accessible smart technologies that the future will bring.

More sophisticated consumer group emerges

China will have 70 million more college graduates than 10 years ago, and with a growing population that constantly pushes for a higher standard of living, the paradigm for everyday use products will only evolve to become more nuanced and advanced.

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