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One platform to analyse, benchmark and improve your digital performance across marketing and sales channels.

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Improve your marketing and eCommerce performance in China

There’s always room for growth. The Chinese market is one of the most rapidly changing markets in the world. If you ask us what is the key to success? This is our universal answer: adapt! Adapt with Chaoly’s expertise to help you navigate China’s digital world. We provide actionable insights to help your business grow. No matter which period, season or unexpected developments you encounter, data doesn’t lie. Our real-time and reliable data analytics provide actionable insights to improve your marketing and eCommerce performance.

Monitor your online sales with real-time and reliable data

The back-end of your online store on Tmall and JingDong is entirely in Mandarin Chinese and hard to navigate. That is why brands normally rely on their Tmall Partners (TP) to stay closely informed about their performance, promotions, and updates in a monthly report. Work with Chaoly to gain access to reliable, real-time key metrics and stay on top of your game.

Monitor your sales performance with the eCommerce Performance Tracker

Optimize your eCommerce performance

With Chaoly’s eCommerce optimizer, your in-house eCommerce team or TP will have a daily tool to get real-time, reliable insights on your eCommerce performance and marketing tools, to help enhance their marketing budget allocation, product performance, and promotion strategy on Tmall and JingDong.

Optimize your in-channel marketing budget allocation and improve your ROI with the eComm Optimizer

Improve Marketing and Campaign performance

Good campaign strategy requires great analysis. Track marketing and product campaign performance, measure their effectiveness, and learn from this data to make the next project even better!

Improve your campaign performance based on social metrics combined with sales data in the campaign tracker

Benchmark your performance against competitors

Measuring business success is tricky, especially when your performance needs to be put into context. We offer performance metrics across your various Chinese marketing and sales channels, to help you understand where your brand is winning, and uncover opportunities to improve your digital strategy.

Get competitor insights with Competitor Benchmarking

Sales improvement plan and in-channel experimentation

Without a refined sales improvement plan and testing system in place, it feels like you’re constantly shooting in the dark with your marketing activities. If you are unable to prove the effectiveness of your campaigns, you won’t know if it was profitable, and whether business growth will suffer.

Understand how our team of growth hackers and marketeers help you embrace digital experimentation

Build and maintain a healthy brand

Chaoly unlocks a wealth of new data and rich insights from marketing and sales channels that will help grow your brand, iterate, and track your success against your competitors. We help you understand what customers are saying about your products and the general sentiment towards your brand. In other words, your brand’s health is essential to the success of your company.

Understand your brand’s health with the brand health tracker

Understand your brand’s health with social listening

Create a new market through disruptive innovation

To remain competitive, companies need a structured approach to develop relevant innovations faster than their international and local counterparts. Chaoly’s disruptive innovation program helps you develop new product concepts and/or business models that will help open up a whole new market.

Learn more about our 15-weeks disruptive innovation program

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