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Brand Health Tracking

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Build and maintain a strong, healthy and reputable brand


Building a strong brand is the biggest single determinant of long-term business success. Brand health tracking is a means to continually monitor the health of your brand over time, and what your target audience thinks of your brand.

Whilst social listening is about gathering a wealth of data, this provides only a part of the population’s perception. Most online communities simply lurk and observe, and only a small percentage actually actively engages online. With brand tracking you get accurate insights from the people who matter most, your target audience.

It is important to track your overall brand health, including brand awareness, brand usage, brand consideration, brand perception, and brand associations. Chaoly unlocks a wealth of new data and rich insights that will help you grow your brand, iterate, and track your success against your competitors. In other words, your brand’s health is essential to the success of your company.

Learn about your brand health

In order for people to buy products, a brand needs to be visible. Brand tracking allows you to understand if the target audience is aware of your brand, as well as the perception of your brand. Chaoly helps you to:

  • Realize what current and potential buyers think of your brand and monitor if their opinion changes over time
  • Know what brand associations come to mind with your target audience
  • Track how favorably your target audience feels about your brand and if this changes over time
  • Understand the maturity of your brand in China

Measure the effect of marketing activities

Branding can be such an abstract activity, it is therefore difficult to know whether there are shifts in important KPIs following your marketing activities. Additionally, you also need to prove that the activities your budget is being spent on are a worthy cause. Brand tracking allows you to quantify ROI. Chaoly allows you to:

  • Prove the value of brand advertising
  • See how marketing campaigns impact what people think of your brand
  • Make solid marketing improvements based on the opinion or your target audience
  • Understand the impact of your marketing campaigns over time

Track competitor performance

Benchmark the health of your brand against your competitors in the Chinese market. With Chaoly you can:

  • Compare brand awareness against your competitors
  • Understand which brands are top-of-mind with your target audience
  • Know your brands’ favorability compared to other players in the market
  • See whether the target audience would rather buy your brand or one of the competitors’ products

Assess your brand lift

Brand lift is an increase in interaction with your brand as a result of an advertising campaign and is primarily used to identify a positive shift in customer awareness and perception.

  • Identify the reach of your advertising campaign
  • Test if the message resonates with the audience
  • Know if the campaign has a positive impact on purchase intent

Why Chaoly to track your
Brand’s Health?

Advanced brand tracking

Accurately track your brand and the competition

Reliable insights over time

Quarterly brand tracking allows you to capture the impact of your activities

Discover niche audiences

Measure how your brand is performing amongst the most important audiences

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